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Welcome Message from Your New President       


The International Association of Endocrine Surgeons (IAES) was founded in San Francisco in 1979 by a group of endocrine surgeons who assembled in response to a letter by Peter Heimann, Professor of Surgery, Bergen, Norway. He wrote his ambition to polarize the activities of those general surgeons interested in the endocrine system into a special group within the Société Internationale de Chirurgie (SIC/ISS). The founding members included President Selwyn Taylor, R. Egdahl, O. Clark, N. Thompson, Y. Fujimoto, P.O. Granberg, T.S. Reeve, H.D. Röher and S.A. Wells, Jr., really great pioneers in endocrine surgery. The next meeting was held in Montreux, Switzerland in 1981. Since then, IAES meeting was held biennially. I have been attending each meeting since 1981. The 20th meeting was held in Krakow, Poland in August 2019, where I became the new President of the IAES.








It is a great honor and my pleasure to serve as your President for coming two years.  


From the IAES meeting in Krakow, we are using our new IAES logo, designed by Miwa Miyauchi, a daughter of mine. The meeting led and prepared by President Jerry Doherty, Secretary Treasurer Janice Pasieka and Local Chair Marcin Barczynski was very active and very successful with so many attendants. The highlight of the meeting included the Peter Heimann lecture given by Dr. Megan Haymart and two State-of-the-Art lectures by Dr. Peter Stalberg and Dr. Carrie Lubitz. In his Presidential Address, Dr. Jerry Doherty talked on mastery of endocrine surgery. I took from his talk the following: We, members of the IAES, naturally try to be excellent endocrine surgeons who know the current standards and provide prevailing practices to their patients. However, master endocrine surgeons not only have these abilities but also bring global perspective over the prevailing management paradigms and affect the health and diseases of strangers whom they do not see or whom they will never meet. He concluded that the IAES experience is indispensable in creating mastery in endocrine surgery.


The IAES provides a forum for the exchange of views of those who are interested in endocrine surgery. Each time when I attended IAES meeting, I found that there were wide range of diversity and variations in the views and actual practices in different countries, which stimulated me to have some new different ideas. I feel that my career was cultivated by the IAES. I hope the IAES continuously provides the platform to cultivate excellent endocrine surgeons and hopefully master endocrine surgeons for the patients with endocrine diseases.     


The membership of the IAES has been strictly monitored by the membership committee in order to maintain high level of our specialty. However, recently we created Associate Member category for young surgeons who are interested in this specially. We already welcomed 21 associate members, hoping them become Active members after establishing themselves in their clinical career. So, the window of the IAES is now open wider for those interested in endocrine surgery.

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