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Why you should become IAES member

provides a educational mechanism to enhance the quality of endocrine surgery on a global perspective through the IAES post graduate courses and our INTEREST global outreach programs

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provides an international perspective of endocrine surgery, recognizes the difference in the geographic treatment of endocrine surgical diseases

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international perspective

provides a community of kindred spirits in endocrine surgery to share ideas, collaborate with the sole purpose to improve the care and treatment of patients with endocrine surgical diseases

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community in endocrine surgery
widest network in endocrine surgery

Expands one network of endocrine surgeons beyond the confines of one own country through friendship and collaboration

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Provides a venue through it biannual meeting to present and expand the knowledge in the field of endocrine surgery

exchange of knowledge at meetings

is the collective voice for the training and treatment of endocrine surgical diseases

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training and treatment
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For information about the IAES, membership, congress program and educational activities:

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